The will to learn and explore new fields and the desire to live in different cultural environments and gain experience from each of them are the keys to contribute prominently to the complex world of literature and the humanities. Interdisciplinarity and a genuine curiosity for everything which pertains to modern culture and the arts are the main traits that should characterize intellectuals and professionals in all humanistic fields.

With my background in comparative languages and literatures and the experiences I have gained in Italy, Germany and Britain, I have always tried to be up-to-date with the dynamic nature of the contemporary cultural scene. Although my primary interest lies in modern literature, I also consider the studies of languages an essential tool to be able to compare and evaluate different texts, and I have a great passion for other forms of art and media, especially cinema. As a young professional in London, I am working in publishing to combine the theoretical and practical aspects of literature in the modern market.


United Kingdom

Italy is the country where I grew up and where I formed my cultural background. I have earned my BA in European Literature and the Publishing Industry and my MA in European Literature and Philology at the University of Pisa. From the beginning of my academic career, I have decided to give particular attention to interdisciplinarity and the study of different languages. In addition to Italian literature, in Pisa I have studied English and German and I have also focused on cinema, history, and on the more practical side of publishing. Furthermore, I have spent the third year of my undergraduate degree in London as an Erasmus student at King’s College.

While still in high school in Vasto (CH), I participated to the “Cesare De Titta” literary competition and won two prizes for my short stories. While living in Pisa, I successfully attended the “Sagarana” creative writing course in Pistoia and the “Scuola Immagina” cinema and screenplay course in Florence. In 2010-11, I have also edited the university cultural journal “Ottomillimetri”.

After my experience as an Erasmus student in 2009, I decided to move to London in September 2012 to pursue a career in the humanities more actively. The United Kingdom is the nation where I started to build on my potential and gain experience in many fields. As a PhD student at University College London (UCL), I had the opportunity to research the field of modern British and German dystopian literature and to meet and liaise with eminent professors and intellectuals. In 2014 I worked as a Teaching Assistant in the UCL department of Comparative Literature, and I have also contributed to some of Professor Maria-Novella Mercuri’s essays as a proof-reader and German to English translator.

Starting from February 2014, I have worked as a librarian for the busy and dynamic UCL Library, gaining valuable experience and improving my administrative and social skills. Now I am focusing on gaining as much work experience as possible in the extremely competitive but very lively London publishing industry.